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great revelation about WHITE NOISE to BUTTERFLY EFFECT

great revelation about WHITE NOISE to BUTTERFLY EFFECT

do you really think that there is a connection

between Trump, h-bomb from on one side,
and flood earthquake hurricaine from other side ???

how the hurricanes appears - briefly, warm and humid air begins to rise upwards. due to the rotation of the ground, the air starts to spin.

how earthquakes occur - in short, certain layers deep into the ground were cracked, and transmit a shock wave to the layers above them.

Many people blame Trump, h-bomb, Lord, for the current situation, They accept the things directly connected, almost as conspiratorial theory, God's punishment or as briefly effect.
But let's look at the short term and in long term where are the Trump, h-bomb ...


in short term no one can blame Trump for the current situation. what is the relationship between his actions, h-bomb tests with the hurricanes? The link is in the previous generations, who disregard all aspects of environmental thinking. These actions include all aspects of global warming including carbon and nuclear waste.

Ignoring carbon charges will lead directly to a lowering the price of some types of energy, and to many commodities. IN EXCHANE OF? of the ozone layer and overheating.

Every aspect that disturbs the ozone layer, its diminution, and in some places its lack, leads to strong solar overheating the earth and the water.

Thus, we come to the technology of hurricane formation, how the hurricanes arise - ocean water is heated to 26 degrees Celsius warm and humid air comes into contact with the surface of the water then begins to rise upwards. humid air condenses to a certain height and releases heat it causes new masses of hot air to rise upwards due to the rotation of the earth, the air starts to spin.

So, what we have now is the inherited rise in temperatures, which leads to more frequent and powerful hurricanes, directly as a consequence of global warming and depleted ozone layer. By the way, this ozone layer also plays the role of a tent, which protects the earth's crust and the oceans from overheating. so instead of being in the shade - we bake directly in the sun. :)

What are some of the main reasons for thinning the ozone layer eq. ozone depletion - these are gases from aerosol industries; solvents and pesticides in agriculture; Exhaust - Carbon Emissions – (also global warming reason )

Also it was first recognized in 1972 that oxides of nitrogen produced in nuclear fireballs and lofted to the stratosphere could result in severe ozone depletion (Foley and Ruderman, 1973; Johnston et al., 1973)


The surface layer of the earth consists of several layers / plates that float on the lower layer of the earth. For various reasons, plates under the surface move and interact, causing cracking or crushing. In the zones of these interactions, by the transmission of the shock wave to the surface, the earthquakes occur.

Part of earthquakes are a consequence of human activity. Some of them are the extraction of certain types of energy sources, and maybe some mining technologies, Underground tests of H bombs damage the underground layers sufficiently, and will lead to increased seismic activity in that area.

And one specific connected with the hurricanes reason is filling of whater reservoirs, In the region, increases markedly, or even occurs, if not previously observed, seismic activity. This dependence is clearly established and observed even when the level of water in the reservoir fluctuates. For example, the change in seismic activity in Tajikistan is observed even when the water level changes by 3 meters.


What happens to the increased activity of hurricanes is not God's punishment, it is not revenge for or because of TRUMP. In strict compliance with environmental standards, ozone levels measured in 1980 will recover in 2150. These measures will also reduce global warming.

If not, we can make a mini cathartic plan: lack of ozone and global warming, increased activity of hurricane and typhoons a large number of floods, and overfilling of water reservoirs (lakes and dams) increased seismic activity and earthquakes

And finally something about the term "LEFTIS". Here in the ex-communist countries, the Communists were those who did not think about ecology, and smoked puddles everywhere. For us non-ecological is equal to communist. So do not be surprised if someone called TRUMP - Communist from the level of Marx Lenin and Stalin. For us the ecological is RIGHT !!! :)

But it will not happen today. We will have jobs and low fees for us. And the catharsis plan is for next generations.

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