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how profitable racism is???

how profitable racism is???

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ha ha – I call it profitable the racism but I mean how for a tip peoples and corporation can (how we say in my country) eat the shit :) e.q. How someone can shut his mouth, to suppress his fillings (mostly of racism but anti rаcistic too) just for a profit of couple coins :))

I wonder how someone can post on eastern a racist joke. But this one has worked for a German company - a main contractor of Israeli company on a large construction site. Later this one work for the Israeli company. And on eastern hi post a racist joke insulting Jewish and Gypsy peoples.

 I wonder how having an injury, someone insult “dark skin” Gypsy for being in ER. The same one has very few day legally employed, with paid taxes. The same has sit with me on a table with Gypsy all his live legally employed, with paid taxes. Same one has “darker skin” investors but luckily they don't read his social media posts. And when money play – he is very tolerant.

 I wonder how advertisement of brands as Nivea and Nescafe appear always near racist post. Even I blocked them, their ads pops continuously nearby. Like take this coffee with a lilt bit racism. Or for every racism – a lilt bit cream. O ye – today sites are like flow – they are not constant page, and no one can prove things happen. Or ?

And just don't try to blame. Facebook is solid proof. With answer like – we are technical division, we will see it like aaaa like never. Or like – we don't find аnithing disturbing. Ok maybe the fall is mine. I mislead racists with my white skin, with my mob body, and with my boll-head. And they open all their hearts.

Bottom line – I see I'm wrong. Not suppressing the racism is profitable, but racism. And soon or later – I will explain why racism is so profitable. In mini documentary – data crime. Crime about tracking, collecting, extracting, analysis, shooting with algorithms etc.

You know what mister Facebook Zukerberger. I will translate you one of the phrases. Not from Bulgarian to English, but from my (to my ex-wife) position – to your (to your current wife) position. The phrase is: “YOUR RACE IS CAPABLE ONLY TO SELF-MULTIPLY, AND NOTHING ELSE”
You can check it.

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