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Co founder and leading architect
- more than 20 years experience in design
- designed set of hotels for "Izola Paradise "
for several clients - "Izola" "Grigo-x" "Ruel engineering"
- part of design team of "Mall Sofia" - shopping center
- tenant coordinator and design control for "Mall Sofia"
- consultant and design control for "Mall Plovdiv", "Mall Sofia"
interior design - large spaces -
- Public spaces interior "Mall Sofia" - part of design team
- Public spaces interior "Sofia Tower" - part of design team
- Signage design Public spaces "Sofia Tower", "Mall Sofia","Mall Plovdiv"
- Public spaces interior "Mall Plovdiv" - kiosk zones 1fl. 2fl.
- Public spaces New foot-court zone "Mall Plovdiv" incl. kiosk design
interior design - restaurants and other eateries / dining places
design of Clients Area and full technical and technology
design of serving, preparation and kitchen area
- small brand Pizza restaurants
- Pizza Hut - "Mall Sofia"
- small brand Coffee shops
- small brand Restaurant and Dining bars
- small brand Food court pavilions, boots, kiosks, dining options
interior design - clothing and other kind shops, incl.
custom furniture design and design of specific interior elements
- small brand clothing store shops
- Pierre Cardin - "Mall Plovdiv"

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